Crufts 2016

Gamble VHC in Junior dog, Romeo unplaced in Yearling dog but showed his socks off.


7th January 2016 - Midland English Setter Championship show - Gamble 2nd Junior (qualifying for Crufts 2017), 3rd Novice, 2nd Maiden, 2nd Tyro.

8th January 2016 - Boston Championship show - Gamble 3rd PD, Twinkle 2nd PB

13th December 2015 LKA Championship show - Gamble 2nd PD

6th December 2015 Northern English Setter Championship show - Gamble 3rd PD

7th November 2015 - Setter & Pointer Championship Show - Romeo was a very well behaved young man, (for a change), he was placed 2nd in Junior and Twinkle was placed 3rd in Puppy Bitch.

2nd November 2015 - have been very lax at updating the site, I have so much news so will, hopefully, remember it now.

I cannot believe the pups are 9 months old today, Gamble and Twinkle, (owned by Sue Birney), made their show debut at 7 months and have given us so much joy.  Here are their results to date:

City of Birmingham Championship show - Gamble 1st MPD, Twinkle 1st MPB

Darlington Championship show - Gamble 3rd MPD, Twinkle 1st MPB

Driffield Championship show - Gamble 1st PD, Twinkle 2nd PB

Grantham and District open show - Gamble 2nd AVNSC puppy, Twinkle 1st AV Gundog puppy

Midland Counties Championship show - Gamble 3rd MPD, 1st PD, Twinkle 3rd MPB

Mid Herts Gundog open show - Gamble 2nd junior, Twinkle 2nd puppy

Romeo has been at home maturing whilst I have shown the pups, we are hoping to bring him back out to the show circuit very shortly....he is still as naughty as he was in puppy...this should be fun!!

11th July 2015 - Romeo attended East of England Championship Show and was once again awarded 3rd place in his class.  He has attended 3 championship shows so far and qualified for Crufts 2016 at each one.

19th June 2015 - Twinkle made another of her visits to us, it is lovely to see her and Gamble charging around together, today Elkie decided she wasn't going to be left out of the fun and stayed with them at all times.  Sue and I had decided to give the pups a first trim, we had both tried separately but the pups were having none of it so I held Twinkle whilst Sue trimmed her and then she held Gamble for me.  Twinkle was a good little girl, Gamble screamed the place down as if he was being slowly tortured!  Here is a photo before the haircut with their mum Elkie...all so much alike.

10th April 2015 - Romeo attended his first ever dog show, the English Setter Association Championship show where he was awarded 3rd minor puppy dog. This award qualifies him for Crufts 2016.

5th February 2015 - Elkie gave birth to 9 puppies, sadly the last one was stillborn but we ended up with 6 little boys and two little girls.  I have retained a boy puppy - Gamble (Tawnymeade Tumbling Dice) and Sue Birney has a bitch called Twinkle (Tawnymeade Twinkling Star over Silvamoon), it is hoped that both pups will be shown later this year.  The other pups have all gone to wonderful pet homes. 

8th January 2015 - Elkie was scanned today...10 puppies due around 9th February 2015!

9th December 2014, our beautiful Elkie was mated to the handsome Luke - Sh Ch Wansleydale King of Hearts at Bramstorm JW.  Puppies hoped for in early February 2015.

19th October 2014 - some exciting news here, our new addition Romeo arrived.  Please take a look at his page to find out all about him!

11th September 2014 - second knee replacement done.

4th July 2014, attended East of England championship show held at Peterborough.  I only took Elkie, I was very proud to have been well enough to show her myself, and can't thank Sharron Cook, (Pernickety), for running her for me in her 2 classes.  Elkie was awarded 2nd Yearling which qualified her for Crufts 2015 and also reserve in the the Post Graduate class.  Many thanks also to judge David Howarth.

Very pleased to announce that Elkie's hip score came back at 4:5 total 9.

29th May 2014 - first knee replacement done.

6th May 2014 - no updates really as not been anywhere due to still awaiting my double knee replacement, that should be sorted by the end of this month, and then we hope to be out and about in force.  We attended Crufts, neither Hen or Elkie were placed but they enjoyed their day, as did I.

Elkie has also been to the Midland English Setter Championship Show in February of this year where she was awarded three VHC places.  Her breeder Fiona Tompsett very kindly showed her for me there and at Crufts.

Elkie is booked in to have her hips scored this week....will update with results as soon as we have them...then we can decide what the future may hold for the Tawnymeade affix.

Here are some up to date photos of Hen and Elkie:


7th July 2013 - East of England Championship show.
Elkie, aged 9 months and one week is now up with the big puppies...she was awarded 2nd place in the puppy bitch class thereby qualifying her for Crufts 2014.
Hen, aged 4 years and at his first show of the year was awarded 2nd place in open dog, also qualifying him for Crufts 2014 and giving him his stud book number.


10th June 2013 - I just don't know where the time goes, my little lady is now 8 months old and as naughty as ever.  We've been to a couple of open shows and one championship show, she has had some nice placings, we haven't been to as many as we would like due to work and home commitments, but they continue to bring much joy into my life.

18th January 2013 - snow arrived last Sunday and has been with us all week, with the threat of more today and over the weekend. As much as I dislike it, the dogs have had tremendous fun out there, here are a couple of photos:


5th January 2013 - My friend Kim and her husband Herbie, who have three boys bred by me, came to visit us for the day.  Kim very kindly took a few photos of Henry and Elkie, here are a few of them:


In December 2012 we were delighted to welcome Elkie to our home.

Bred by Fiona Tompsett, she is by Upperwood Groove Monkey x Radbrooks Kokomo. We hope to be able to show her alongside Henry in the future.

In the meantime, she is a typically naughty English Setter puppy, her are a few shots of her when she first arrived home:


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